MIA - Hit The Road..!
12:31 AM | Author: jcehao

IT's Here it's Here~ 
MIA hit DownTown, not only that
This time, They're so dead, not only Downtown
they had gone MAD, hitting up in the sky..
yup..u hear me no wrong!

(i-style KLIA)
with their theme "Black & White"
living in the midst of "color of the Wind"
everyone seems to be the same..
colorful, bright and glaring~
thus, black and white is the best they that they can provide 
for those who want to be outstanding..
one among the rest..

black and white are not color to begin with.!gosh..
and thus, guys..y not use a non-color to counter a world of color.?
aren't it the best choice to do so.?
this a a catch for those who wants to walk tall among another..
so guys, do check them out~!
below are some pics pls enjoy:-

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Giving Up Or Retaining?
12:25 AM | Author: jcehao

when we sang the same song
over and over again,
the process had become so often
that it's treated as an routine
have we ever ponder the meaning
of the song.? most probably not.
thus, singing it become insignificance
it nor longer carry same weight
as the "good old days"

In this world, we are often faced with tribulation and obstacle. this is a fact which is inevitable and undeniable, people suffers from a lot of factors, domestically and commercially. and thus, they strive to achieve a better living life, to provide sufficient food and shelter to their family. in the process of it we may lost things, some which are important, and some which are not. they become busier and busier as days goes by, till the extent that they have forgotten the most basic thing of all. Not long ago, i got struck by this (what i call) "inspiration". it came across which i was singing a hymn.

Since human being are pursuing a better life, most of our time are spent in our job as we strive to be on the top of the list, in doing so, we've forgotten a very important yet basic thing which posses in the ancient times, our believe. if we're one believer, we would know that human being always uses a very powerful and simple excuse to get them self out this, they would say that "I'm busy" any yet, they can come out with tons and tons of reasons just to back up that reasons. have u ever wonder what might God replied.?

*before that let me exclude myself, everything which is mention here is only my own feeling*

the answer could be possibly found at the first verse in the hymn 297,

" I gave my life to thee My precious blood I gave. . . . .I gave I gave My life to thee, what hast thou giv'n to Me."

This is indeed true, the Lord gave up his life for us, he gave us everything including his own life.
but on the other hand what had we given to him.? we cannot give up our pleasure, habits, time and etc.

Human, we are very selfish we will keep everything to our self, priorities our self above others. even if we had extra most likely we would keep to our next keen if not we would just keep it to our self. more often than not, we will reserve everything to our self the concept of giving others the "extra" didn't even cross to our mind at the first place.

thinking back now, what had we given to Him.? i think most of us will come out with a bundle of list saying this and that, but are the things is what He really needs?giving is a problem itself to us, but giving the right things is even more a major problem to us, it's even more hectic.

He gave us the thing we need the most -not really much- but it is what we needs the most, a salvation plan. In contras, what had we given to Him.?we cal always repay Him by giving our time to Him more, converse with Him, striving to live a godly life. i believe that what He wants from us is i godly nation, a nation in His likeness.

p/s: sorry if i offended any of my readers.
n/t: once again, everything typed here is of my feeling.
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sweet day
9:12 PM | Author: jcehao
yesterday is really not my day, i got jammed in klang itself for 30mins, and some occasion happened making me late for my class, i reached college at 2.45pm, gosh I'm later for class by 45 min! and so i was a bit heaty (heng) by then, what really burst me is that upon despite being late for class, the class ends at around 3.15pm, which also means that I've traveled 2 hour of journey for a half an hour class. i just cant take it, I'm like this, i feel that my journey there is not worth the time spent to college there and the time spent in class does not meet. i was cool when i was on my way back to klg, no worries.

i got a text yesterday from a junior of mine, it was just too sweet, without knowing it i replied him as usual. he told me that he got read an article which says keeping in touch with your loves one..and then he text me just to keep-in-touch..how sweet it's never in my mind that he'll do that to me. it makes my day..it really do. Thx

so things to do next:
  1. read my notes (Ctt,Public,Criminal adn CLRI)
  2. try to find out some question just to make Mrs.Anne faint, we succeed doing it to our Ctt tutor, she the next target.!
  3. do my ctt assignments which to be hand up after deepavali break, i wanna have a break - days with no education burden.!
so that's about all gua..

p/s: i miss the aunty pork mee..shall we go there tomorrow? hehe..
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