MIA - Hit The Road..!
12:31 AM | Author: jcehao

IT's Here it's Here~ 
MIA hit DownTown, not only that
This time, They're so dead, not only Downtown
they had gone MAD, hitting up in the sky..
yup..u hear me no wrong!

(i-style KLIA)
with their theme "Black & White"
living in the midst of "color of the Wind"
everyone seems to be the same..
colorful, bright and glaring~
thus, black and white is the best they that they can provide 
for those who want to be outstanding..
one among the rest..

black and white are not color to begin with.!gosh..
and thus, guys..y not use a non-color to counter a world of color.?
aren't it the best choice to do so.?
this a a catch for those who wants to walk tall among another..
so guys, do check them out~!
below are some pics pls enjoy:-

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On November 21, 2010 at 12:26 AM , black/white said...

Awwww! We love you very very the much! <33